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Berlin Hipsters, GO GRILLING!!

This past week has experienced a tremendous change in weather temperature in our wonderful city of Berlin.

That was yesterday at 6:23 PM :

That’s today at 2:36PM. Just like a Groundhog Day!!!

Pretty damn hot, right?

If you feel like getting your barbecue out and grill some meat and veggies, and even if you can’t because you have no balcony or the neighbours are not much into barbecued meat, don’t forget there are plenty of public parks in Berlin where you can go grill some halloumi without disturbing anyone ! Indeed the city of Berlin has even posted a map online where you can all see all the cool grilling spots.

And if you also want to check the grilling weather forecasts, the reference in weather forcasting in Germany even tells you the grilling condition forecasts, ain’t that grand!

Here is a snapshot of the sausage cooking forecasts for today. The more sausages there are on the little barbecues, the better it is for running out the door to the next park!

But wait. Why are we talking about this today? Because at the 2012 Edition of the Berlin Hipster Festival, you will be able to bring your own barbecue as well!!!!!

Indeed, Tempelhof has the privilege to have 3 different areas where you can grill sausages and stuff. So during the Festival, there will be plenty of time to chill out on the grass on the designated grilling areas.

And if you still can’t find them, be sure you will spot the areas : usually the big cloud of sausage smoke can be seen from pretty far away…!

So put on your apron and let’s go!!!