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Hello Folks,

We hope you all had a nice long weekend. It was sunny, it was warm, it was great. This past monday was also a bank holiday in Germany, so a lot of people went outside to ride bikes and enjoy the sun. Or, as I mentioned it in a post a few days ago, they also all took their barbecues out and went grilling tons of Wurst and Halloumi (yes, being vegetarian is cool).

Although some people seem to not like us, it looks like the Hipster attitude is expanding slowly but wisely, and because we like to keep an eye on what people say about us, we have found some pretty interesting articles that might be worthwhile reading :

=> Do you know whether you’ve become a Berliner Hipster? Read here and see whether you pass the test!

=> Where to go if you want to meet Hipsters and you happen to be in Berlin? All the best spots are mentioned here!

=> You’re a Hipster from LA and you want to connect with Hipsters in Berlin? Look, there’s a super easy way to connect now!

And last but not least, who is the best capital in the world to attract young, cool, positive people with a Hipster vibe? BERLIN of course!

Convinced being a Hipster is the way to go? We will post more articles in the next days and we are sure you will all be dying to attend our Berlin Hipster Festival!!!

… And hopefully these messages won’t appear too much anymore…!