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Perfect stores to be a perfect Hipster for the Berlin Hipster Festival 2012

A lot of questions came to us recently like “ooohh u guyz sound so cooooool, I always wanted to be as cool as you r but I don’t know how to find these kind of clothes” etc etc. This was like a 100 line e-mail so I don’t want to bother you with the rest.

To sum up, the main question from all those messages was : “Where are the Berliner Hipster shops? So that I can finally buy the clothes of my dreams !”

So we decided to help you a little bit, because we all have to help each other in this world, and we made a selection of the best 10 stores in Berlin to be a perfect Hipster. Are you ready ??

Today we are revealing 5 stores of this Top 10, so stay tuned for the 5 first ones :

  • Stiefelkombinat : Eberswaler Strasse 21-22 & Wolliner Strasse 18-19 (Möbelkombinat)
  • Opti King : Eberswalder Strasse 34, 10437 Berlin
  • Meins & Deins : Danziger Strasse 38, 10435 Berlin
  • Cash : Mermhardstrasse 8, 10178 Berlin
  • Memory : Schwedter Strasse 2, 10119 Berlin 

See you there !! Long live the BerlinHipsterFestival2012 !!