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This is not the End

Will this website survive? We sure hope so. Yes, we would like to keep the spirit of hipsters alive and we hope we will still be able to keep posting you fresh updates about hipster living, especially in Berlin!

For those who just landed on this website in the quest of the perfect Hipster – and who do not want to get lost in all the definitions of what we are supposed to be, we found a great wiki for you guys.

At the end, what is important is your own personality. Mix your own identity! Whether it might look a bit odd at the beginning, never be afraid to dare and show your true self. So what if it is your old grandma floral dress, or a old pair of boots you got at the flea market, or even,  A LEOPARD COWBOY HAT?!?


Beautiful and classy, right?!

Or be even more flashy, and get yourself a PAIR OF NEON YELLOW SHADES!!!!!!!

You won’t stay unnoticed for long wearing these….!

So what’s gonna be your trendiest piece to show how proud you are to be a hipster?

Let us know!!!

Perfect stores to be a perfect Hipster for the Berlin Hipster Festival 2012 part 2

What a great weather for the start of the week.

And after revealing on the 10th of May, 5 good stores to buy the best clothes ever, we’re gonna present you the 5 best shops of Berlin to be the most beautiful Hipster at the BerlinHipsterFestival2012.

TOP 5 for the BerlinHipsterFestival2012

Have a great week !!

Message from Zaath, headliner of the Berlin Hipster Festival 2012

Hey folks,

First of all I’d like to thank (again) the Berlin Hipster Festival 2012 team for organizing this festival. Should be a lot of pain and effort right now but I’m sure it’s worth it.

Second, I ask them if I could write a small post because I want you guys to give me some advices. Since the publication of the official hipster survival guide to Berlin yesterday, I have a couple questions.

Well, obviously, I’m not really in the Berlin underground scene as I came from France less than one year ago. That’s why I wanted to know which kind of outfits I should be wearing during the show.

You can either answer here with a small description of your favorite clothes or post a comment describing who is the best looking guy of the following video:

Lemme know and I’ll see what I can do to fulfill your willings !!

Personally, i find the style of this guy totally awesome!  Have a look :

Cheers !!

Your dearest Zaath !!