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Airbnb – Part II

Le Champignon has won against Airbnb yippie!!!

If you missed the beginning of this story, you can read the first chapter here: Airbnb. Or a better place to rip you off

And the rest here 🙂


I left you guys when we were about to leave this horrible house but still had to find a hotel. Thank God, my better half had lived a few years in Fort Lauderdale and knew pretty much all the good hotel options we had there.

We therefore left within the next two hours and headed towards the Hilton Beach Resort in Fort Lauderdale.

(Which, by the way, is a great hotel.)

On the following day, I had finally managed to submit my “Travel Issue” to Airbnb Support. I later provided the videos my better half made. I also used the Live Chat option Airbnb has on their Facebook page several times, and over the past two weeks I ended up talking to Ann C, Lindsay W, Samantha A, that wonderful Erik, Laura H, Tony G, Joey B, and finally Sydney.

As a reminder, these were the issues we had with the house rented  :

– Air conditioning ONLY in the kitchen area, nowhere else (the house is 4000 f²/372 m²)

– Presence of hamsters in the kitchen

– Main glass doors not locking

– 1 room smelling like mould and with heavy humidity.


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