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The official hipster survival guide to Berlin, Germany

  1. Always wear your sunglasses especially if it is raining
  2. Stay in Kreuzkölln
  3. Buy your clothes only in Mauerpark and try to look like at the beginning of the 90’s (fluorescent headband are more than welcome!)
  4. Never go to the west side of the wall
  5. Never miss a fashion week
  6. Be sure to have a Latte Machiatto or a Club Mate in your hand, even if it is empty
  7. Speak only English
  8. Except a few words like “Scheisse
  9. Go to all Open Airs
  10. Walk as if you dance
  11. Never show your hair: as a pure diamond it has to be hidden under a wooly hat
  12. If you’re a girl you can steal your bf’s baggy jeans, if you’re a guy you wear slim jeans (or your gf’s)

If you’re not sure, watch this video…and learn!


Thank you to Animal New York for the inspiration 🙂