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How to keep the motivation for the berlinhipsterfestival2012?

Berlin is the coolest city in the world but the main problem here is that the summer never really comes!

There are 3 sunny days and after 2 cold weeks : in those conditions how to enjoy the Berliner Biergarten!

We try to go ahead and to contribute to give a better hipster image of our festival. Believe it or not, it is really hard because of our competitors! We need your support : in 2 weeks we will reveal if we continue our hipster’s aventure or not.

Post comments, like our Facebook page and speak about us with your friends! All the feedback we can get back is the biggest help that you can give us. Hope to read you soon!

When we need a little bit of motivation, we listen to music. And what best music as… PUNK ROCK!!

SUM 41 is definitely the best medication in this case 😀