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Neukölln est le paradis des hipsters berlinois!

Ahhh Neukölln…la patrie des hipsters berlinois!

Comme le dit mon ami Wikipédia: Neukölln est un quartier de Berlin, faisant partie de l’arrondissement de Neukölln.

Lors de la création du Grand Berlin en 1920, Neukölln formait alors l’une des 7 villes indépendantes qui furent annexées à la capitale. Pendant la séparation de la ville, Neukölln faisait partie de Berlin-Ouest (le seul quartier de l’ouest qui doit être cool à vivre?).

Là en vert c’est où les hipsters sont le plus souvent

Vous vous demandez à quoi ressemble un hipster faisant son petit bout de chemin dans ce quartier de Berlin?

Plus ou moins à ça pour la version masculine 😀

Du coup c’est dur de passer inaperçu dans la rue (genre célébrité locale) et il arrive de plus en plus que les hipsters (les touristes, les jeunes bref les gens) se fassent insulter en public et dans toutes les langues (belle preuve d’intégration hein)!

C’est quand même un peu limite sur les bords ce genre d’attitude alors que franchement nous, on n’est pas là pour faire chier quoi!

Parce que oui c’est vrai, nous les hipsters, on est carrément harcelé alors qu’on fait qu’à s’habiller non-chalemment et boire des cafés latte toute l’après-midi en squattant un peu de Wifi par ci par là…trop injustes quoi!

Ah si la vie était pavée de Club Matte 😀

Un groupe a vu le jour récemment sur Facebook pour défendre (de manière quand même un peu sarcastique) les hipsters et les touristes en désarroi à Kreuzkölln (mélange de Kreuzberg et Neukölln, mais nous en reparlerons une autre fois): Hipster Antifa Neukölln

Tue du touriste pour sauver ton quartier!

On en rigole à moitié sur ce blog mais quand même, la vie ne fait pas de cadeau à notre communauté…

Certaines mauvaises langues diront que c’était mieux avant…comme tout en somme…du coup j’ai envie de dire RAF (rien à foutre)…

Soyons désinvoles, n’ayons l’air de rien!

Alors cette Olympiade de hipsters, c’était comment?

Nous vous parlions de l’Olympiade hipsters à Berlin en juillet dernier ici.

Finalement, comment que c’était hein?

On a trouvé la vidéo qui parle d’elle-même 🙂

Linklift:it is recruiting in Berlin!

Linklift is currently recruiting for the following position at LinkLift with a view to starting as soon as possible:

Our aim

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Job Description

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Your tasks:

Acquisition of new publishers (bloggers and webmasters) including:

Researching and contacting possible leads
Social media networking / content-based online communication (Facebook, Twitter, Blog)
Development and management of the publisher database
Supporting the Advertiser team in link building projects
Continuous development and improvement in SEO techniques

You should bring:

Basic online marketing knowledge, preferably internet marketing and blogger outreach experience
Good knowledge of the internet, search engines and blogging (created a website or blog page)
Native English speaker

The paid internship is for a 6 month period, with a potential full time position moving forward. If you see yourself in the above profile, we would like to receive your application with the usual information: Cover Letter, CV.

See the current position here and send your application to Linklift!

The font of the Berlinhipsterfestival is the Berlin sans FB!

Dear Hipsters,

We would like to introduce you the awesome font that we have chosen for the festival – which is part of our official Graphic Chart.

This is the “Berlin without FB“!

Obviously we chose it because of the name (Berlin, du bist so wunderbar!), of course.

The font also has a dynamic and airy form, and corresponds brilliantly to  our philosophy.

As Microsoft says:

“Berlin Sans is based on a brilliant alphabet from the late twenties, the first without ever Designed That Lucian Bernhard, imaginative and little-known. Assisted by Matthew Butterick, David Berlow expanded the single font Into a series of weights oven, full oven with all character sets Expert, plus one dingbat font”.

What about you, do you have a favorite font?

Put a comment and let’s have a little talk about it 🙂

Big Announcement – LINEUP 2012 – ZAATH

Hey Folks,

We are absolutely thrilled to announce you that our first edition for the Berlin Hipster Festival is going to be super exciting!
Indeed, we have found out this morning that Zaath, this incredibly talented DJ from Versailles with a twist of Southern France, has decided to accept our offer and to appear as the Headliner of our festival.

Wait. WHAT, you don’t know Zaath yet? Then go check yourself immediately on his SoundCloud, you will not regret it one second!

You also want to know a little more about who’s hiding behind this intriguing  – but yet wonderfully well-thought – nickname?

Here it goes :

Zaath was born in the magnificent area of Marseille, in Southern France. But only stayed there a couple of months so his parents could have the time to pack and move to the Big, Cold North. The poor thing didn’t get the chance to enjoy the sights of endless lavender fields, eat tapenade every day, and think that Marcel Pagnol is the best writer in the Universe. He then studied near Paris, and then later on in the charming area of Pontoise, discovering alongside, as early as his teenage years, the sounds of wind instruments, and hence persevering in becoming a master in playing the clarinet.

Zaath discovered however one day, that music could actually be played much more easily with a computer and weird machines with knobs and faders.

So Zaath threw his now-completely-useless flute to the “orties” and started twisting sounds with his laptop, as well as pushing faders up and down.

A year in Dortmund enabled him to be totally, well, kindof fluent in German. Various stays followed in Berlin partying like an animal – convincing him he should make Berlin this place called home.

Check out his mixes THERE !

We look forward to hearing how excited you guys are in the ‘Comment‘ Section!


Welcome on the berlinhipsterfestival2012!

Dear guests,

we are  pleased to announce the opening of the website of the first berlinhipsterfestival 2012!

Stay tuned folks!