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2nd Big Announcement – LINEUP2012 – THE CUNY’S

We are very pleased to announce you again today that one additional awesome band has decided to join the festival, and to play as a support act to our celebrity DJ Zaath.

The CUNY’S are a psychedelic kinda wacko rock band composed of Nat and Sach, two sisters (meaning, in a biological AND in a spiritual way) from the Deep Eastern side of France, up in the North. Surrounded from birth by big rounds of cheese and of course, this extraordinary cheese which is Comté, (WHO DOESN’T LOVE COMTE, COME ON), the CUNY’S are now two beautiful grown-up women, getting ready to build their own success on the international music scene.

As a matter of fact, their first die-hard fans named them the “White Stripes of Franche Comté”, a well-deserved comparison due to their awesome melodies and over-the-top super skilled guitar riffs.

Why The CUNY’S ? The band name simply comes from their family name. According to the saying ‘call a spade a spade’, let’s call a Cuny, a Cuny. Simple, yet efficient, right? And yes, a major advantage over a lot of people already : CLASS as soon as being born!

Money can’t buy you Claaaaaasss.

[Internal Joke]

In the hope of becoming rock stars (or reality show stars, as long as it brings fame) in the very near future, they are looking for a potential muse, so feel free to apply as well directly on their website.

We hope you are going to all come to the Berlin Hipster Festival 2012 to admire and support them!