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Berlin hat die Hipsters

Hey Folks,

The weather here is so changing. Last week we were prompting you to get out of the house and bring your barbecue with you to grill sausages outside, and now the weather is horrendous. Rainy, barely 15°C. So weird.

Today, I just wanted to share with you a really cool picture we have spotted online, which was taken at the beginning of the year for the CeBIT.

The picture was originally posted on this blog.

So is Berlin the most renowned capital city for Hipsters? We think so!

Where else would we have held the Berlin Hipster Festival 2012 then? No where!

… But being a nerd is also super cool, we love nerds too! 😀

Have a wonderful weekend folks,



Hello Folks,

We hope you all had a nice long weekend. It was sunny, it was warm, it was great. This past monday was also a bank holiday in Germany, so a lot of people went outside to ride bikes and enjoy the sun. Or, as I mentioned it in a post a few days ago, they also all took their barbecues out and went grilling tons of Wurst and Halloumi (yes, being vegetarian is cool).

Although some people seem to not like us, it looks like the Hipster attitude is expanding slowly but wisely, and because we like to keep an eye on what people say about us, we have found some pretty interesting articles that might be worthwhile reading :

=> Do you know whether you’ve become a Berliner Hipster? Read here and see whether you pass the test!

=> Where to go if you want to meet Hipsters and you happen to be in Berlin? All the best spots are mentioned here!

=> You’re a Hipster from LA and you want to connect with Hipsters in Berlin? Look, there’s a super easy way to connect now!

And last but not least, who is the best capital in the world to attract young, cool, positive people with a Hipster vibe? BERLIN of course!

Convinced being a Hipster is the way to go? We will post more articles in the next days and we are sure you will all be dying to attend our Berlin Hipster Festival!!!

… And hopefully these messages won’t appear too much anymore…!

Berlin Hipsters, GO GRILLING!!

This past week has experienced a tremendous change in weather temperature in our wonderful city of Berlin.

That was yesterday at 6:23 PM :

That’s today at 2:36PM. Just like a Groundhog Day!!!

Pretty damn hot, right?

If you feel like getting your barbecue out and grill some meat and veggies, and even if you can’t because you have no balcony or the neighbours are not much into barbecued meat, don’t forget there are plenty of public parks in Berlin where you can go grill some halloumi without disturbing anyone ! Indeed the city of Berlin has even posted a map online where you can all see all the cool grilling spots.

And if you also want to check the grilling weather forecasts, the reference in weather forcasting in Germany even tells you the grilling condition forecasts, ain’t that grand!

Here is a snapshot of the sausage cooking forecasts for today. The more sausages there are on the little barbecues, the better it is for running out the door to the next park!

But wait. Why are we talking about this today? Because at the 2012 Edition of the Berlin Hipster Festival, you will be able to bring your own barbecue as well!!!!!

Indeed, Tempelhof has the privilege to have 3 different areas where you can grill sausages and stuff. So during the Festival, there will be plenty of time to chill out on the grass on the designated grilling areas.

And if you still can’t find them, be sure you will spot the areas : usually the big cloud of sausage smoke can be seen from pretty far away…!

So put on your apron and let’s go!!!

Perfect stores to be a perfect Hipster for the Berlin Hipster Festival 2012 part 2

What a great weather for the start of the week.

And after revealing on the 10th of May, 5 good stores to buy the best clothes ever, we’re gonna present you the 5 best shops of Berlin to be the most beautiful Hipster at the BerlinHipsterFestival2012.

TOP 5 for the BerlinHipsterFestival2012

Have a great week !!

Another Last Minute Announcement ! EXCITEMENT ! THE GREEN MUSHROOM

And when you thought the line-up was confirmed and ready to go, there are still some awesome surprises for you. Indeed, we strive every day to find new promising artists, and we are extremely excited to share with you there will be a couple of announcements in the coming days concernant the feature of new talents coming to the Berlin Hipster Festival 2012.

So spread the news and get ready for some more entertainement!!!

This time we are really proud to introduce you to our new star :


Born in the beautiful region of Provence, gifted with this wonderful typical accent from this area, the Green Mushroom studied Piano at the Music Conservatory in Southern France. A classically trained musician, she went during her last year of music studies to study in the neighbourhoods of Berklee College of Music to improve her improvisation skills on the keyboard. Years later after getting her Graduation Certificate, she went back to the Conservatory to study Drums, which you can imagine, was a hell lot easier than reading complex Chopin parts and trying to get dexterity on all fingers with a rubber on top of each hand (… it’s supposed to give you the perfect hand balance.)

Nowadays, the Green Mushroom enjoys playing only to very restricted public audiences, if not by herself, so it is with tremendous pleasure that we found out she agreed to take part in this festival, and will actually give a concert which will beat the crap out of any concert at the International Piano Festival held in la Roque d’Anthéron every year.

And if you guys are nice enough to her, the Green Mushroom will even go crazy on a drum improvisation. And not because she eats magic mushrooms, no no nooooo, the Green Mushroom, unlike the name, is a healthy fungus.

We hope you guys will all welcome The Green Mushroom with warmth and hope this announcement makes you even more excited to attend the Festival!!!