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Airbnb ‚Äď Part II

Le Champignon has won against Airbnb yippie!!!

If you missed the beginning of this story, you can read the first chapter here: Airbnb. Or a better place to rip you off

And the rest here ūüôā


I left you guys when we were about to leave this horrible house but still had to find a hotel. Thank God, my better half had lived a few years in Fort Lauderdale and knew pretty much all the good hotel options we had there.

We therefore left within the next two hours and headed towards the Hilton Beach Resort in Fort Lauderdale.

(Which, by the way, is a great hotel.)

On the following day, I had finally managed to submit my ‚ÄúTravel Issue‚ÄĚ to Airbnb Support. I later provided the videos my better half made. I also used the Live Chat option Airbnb has on their Facebook page several times, and over the past two weeks I ended up talking to Ann C, Lindsay W, Samantha A, that wonderful Erik, Laura H, Tony G, Joey B, and finally Sydney.

As a reminder, these were the issues we had with the house rented  :

РAir conditioning ONLY in the kitchen area, nowhere else (the house is 4000 f²/372 m²)

– Presence of hamsters in the kitchen

– Main glass doors not locking

– 1 room smelling like mould and with heavy humidity.


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Airbnb. Or a better place to rip you off ‚Äď Part I

Dear hipsters,

this week we want to share with you the real and sad experience from one of our Berliner Important People ūüė¶

As we know that you like to travel around the world, this text can give you a realistic view of what could happen to you if you’re unlucky at some point.

You can read the beginning of her misadventure here.


Airbnb, a better place to stay. Or so they say.

So early this year, we discovered Airbnb.

In March, we tried it for the first time to rent a little rooftop room in Nice, and the experience was good.

On our next trip to Aix-en-Provence, I thought we could maybe rent an appartment as well. We met Beno√ģt, a lovely guy from Southern France, who was super helpful and super nice. We stayed in his rooftop appartment, right in the center of the city, there was a amazing rooftop terrasse with a barbecue, and the view was simply amazing. We were very happy to stay there, and I am sure we would love to come back there at some point.

Convinced this was the new way to go when we go on holidays, we also rented an appartment through Airbnb in Copenhagen. There, same experience, the host, Oliver, was lovely, the appartment was spotless clean, the location was super convenient. Alltogether a really good experience too.

So, when we decided to go to Florida on holidays, why not go through Airbnb again? We wanted to plan a little family get-together, so renting a whole house seemed to be the perfect plan. So we went ahead and decided to go for a house based in Dania Beach, just a little bit north of Fort Lauderdale.

Everything was set per email through the Airbnb platform, we payed in advance as the website requests it, and we advised the host that we would arrive at 5:00 PM on the first day of the reservation. Everything ran pretty smoothly with the communication with her, everything seemed fine.

On the 18th of August, we arrived at the house at 5:00 PM, as confirmed by the host. The cleaners were still there, the host came and quickly showed us around. The place looked a lot more worn out and older than on the pictures posted on the profile. But never mind. The host then told us the AC has just been started, hence the feeling of humidity combined with hot air in the house. We didn’t say anything, let her talk, and only hoped the temperature in the house was going to get better.


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Have you also experimented a bad host at AirBnb?