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TREMENDOUS Last Minute Announcement: MISS PAULETTE

We are so OVER THE MOON to announce you we are going to have a future award-winning author coming to our festival : Miss Paulette.

A simple but yet very well thought nickname to preserve her from paparazzi and fame, Miss Paulette comes from the wonderful country of France, and grew up in Paris most of her life.
One day, Miss Paulette decided upon finishing her studies that she would escape the Joconde and would fly off to Berlin, in order to master the German language – which shes does now – and build a successful career as a writer.

Or at least a blog writer.

Miss Paulette did have the privilege to hang out a lot with Grand Corps Malade while younger, and got acquainted at the earliest age to poetry slam. Now a recognized protégée, and about to release a new book,

Miss Paulette will come to the festival to discuss the topic of her book : 


She will also sign autographs, and last but not least, we will also have the pleasure to have her in a poetry slamming session during that day.

We are very honored of her presence during one day at the BerlinHipsterFestival 2012 and hope we can we let you know quickly when this special day will take place.