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Hipster Olympiade 2012 in Berlin!

Hey Guys,

we would like to recommend you to take a look on

It would be great of you can participate!

See you there 😉

This is not the End

Will this website survive? We sure hope so. Yes, we would like to keep the spirit of hipsters alive and we hope we will still be able to keep posting you fresh updates about hipster living, especially in Berlin!

For those who just landed on this website in the quest of the perfect Hipster – and who do not want to get lost in all the definitions of what we are supposed to be, we found a great wiki for you guys.

At the end, what is important is your own personality. Mix your own identity! Whether it might look a bit odd at the beginning, never be afraid to dare and show your true self. So what if it is your old grandma floral dress, or a old pair of boots you got at the flea market, or even,  A LEOPARD COWBOY HAT?!?


Beautiful and classy, right?!

Or be even more flashy, and get yourself a PAIR OF NEON YELLOW SHADES!!!!!!!

You won’t stay unnoticed for long wearing these….!

So what’s gonna be your trendiest piece to show how proud you are to be a hipster?

Let us know!!!

The Berlinhipsterfestival2012 and Google

Dear hipsters,

the Berlinhipsterfestival2012 project has been online for almost 8 weeks now.

At the beginning there was nothing: no website, no band, no motivation, just a concept.

After those 8 weeks, we are proud to see that there is a LineUp (at least a few confirmed bands!) and that the request “Berlin Hipster Festival” is now findable on Google!!

It proves that we are more visible on Internet and that widespreading our message is reaching more and more people!

Thank you to all of you for your support and watch out for new updates: this Wednesday we’ll have a final surprise for you!

Stay tuned 😀

The song of the day: Luke Milion – Arnold

Dear hipsters,

if you leave in Berlin as we do, you have noticed that EVERYBODY is obsessed about Football and the UEFA 2012!

Everybody but a bunch of cool people who are organizing the 1st hipster festival in Berlin!

Like Conan the Barbarian we are here so stay tuned with us and discover this remix of Luke Milion about the famous fitness song of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Come on, more energy 🙂


Actually it is so cool that the Marvel’s god THOR are a perfect target of our hipsterness!

Look closely:


Do you think this actor would like to participate to the Berlinhipsterfestival2012?

Love you guys and hope to read your hipsthor comments 😀

How to keep the motivation for the berlinhipsterfestival2012?

Berlin is the coolest city in the world but the main problem here is that the summer never really comes!

There are 3 sunny days and after 2 cold weeks : in those conditions how to enjoy the Berliner Biergarten!

We try to go ahead and to contribute to give a better hipster image of our festival. Believe it or not, it is really hard because of our competitors! We need your support : in 2 weeks we will reveal if we continue our hipster’s aventure or not.

Post comments, like our Facebook page and speak about us with your friends! All the feedback we can get back is the biggest help that you can give us. Hope to read you soon!

When we need a little bit of motivation, we listen to music. And what best music as… PUNK ROCK!!

SUM 41 is definitely the best medication in this case 😀

Skifcha, the hipster cat

In the hipster’s animal serie, let us introduce to you a hipster cat: Skitcha!

He has a real presence and he is at the mustache what the lamas are at the haircut.

Have a nice week-end and don’t foget to let a little comment if you want to share any remarks or emotions with us 🙂